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Marmaduke "Feather" Strap III GL for saxophones

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Marmaduke "Feather Strap III GL is designed so that the weight of the saxophone is distributed mainly on the shoulders. Feather III GL took advantages of Feather III and Feather IV. It still keeps the comfort of Feather III, however, is more stable. It has a newly designed bigger slider that adjust the height easily and widen the bar distance. A pure brass hook is ideal material for maximum resonance. Very compact and fits in the alto sax bell. It eases neck pains. You will enjoy completely different feel and can concentrate on your playing.

Aluminum bars and the side strap are adjustable and will fit your shoulders. The length of the cords can be easily adjusted.

One size for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone. Available in Black (all leather, $99) and Burgundy (PU and leather center part, $89) .

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