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How to Shop
Add items to cart
Add items to your cart by clicking on the Add to Cart button for each item you want to buy.
Confirm cart contents
Once you've added everything you want to your cart, click the View Cart button. On this page, confirm the contents of your cart, and then click Check Out.
Check out
You will be prompted to log in or create an account, or check out as a guest. Choose the option you desire and follow the steps that appear.
Confirm order details
You will receive an order confirmation email after completing the checkout process. Please ensure all details are correct, and contact us if there are any problems or questions.
Receive items
The last step is waiting to receive your order. Depending on the shipping option selected, this may take some time. Once you receive your items, enjoy! Again, if there are any problems with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help fix the issue. Happy shopping!
e-mail :
Sometimes email messages are sent to your spam holder. If you do not receive messages, please use Facebook message.

Tracking Number :
Japan Post tracking number can be traced at Japan Post website and your countries' Post Office website.

A restock charge of 10% of the price paid or US$20 which ever higher will be deducted from the refund. Shipping charges will not be refunded. (An actual shipping charges will be deducted for "Shipping free items".)
Customer will pay the returning shipping charges.
Shipping & handling

Shipping zones
North America・・・US$25.00 Latin America・・・US$60.00 Europe・・・US$12.00 Africa・・・US$30.00
Russia・・・US$30.00 Middle East・・・US$30.00 Asia・・・US$12.00 Oceania・・・US$22.00
Shipping Fee may vary depending on the destination.
Air Mail

Shipping zones
North America・・・US$10.00 Latin America・・・US$12.00 Europe・・・US$8.00 Africa・・・US$12.00
Russia・・・US$12.00 Middle East・・・US$12.00 Asia・・・US$8.00 Oceania・・・US$10.00
Air Mail can be chosen for Reed, RedReed, Hook Extender and Ringoo (maximum 5 pieces). There is no tracking and insurance.

Shipping zones
North America・・・US$22.00 Latin America・・・US$60.00 Europe・・・US$22.00 Africa・・・US$25.00
Russia・・・US$25.00 Middle East・・・US$25.00 Asia・・・US$15.00 Oceania・・・US$22.00

Shipping zones
North America・・・US$25.00 Latin America・・・US$60.00 Europe・・・US$25.00 Africa・・・US$60.00
Russia・・・US$35.00 Middle East・・・US$35.00 Asia・・・US$25.00 Oceania・・・US$25.00
Certain items may affect shipping rate.
Item prices do not include tax. Taxes will be added on checkout.
Tax rates by country are listed below.
Japanese Tax is exempted for export, however, import duties may be charged according to your country's regulations. Buyers are responsible for such import duties.
The following Payment Method are available:
Bank Transfer
Bank transfer should be in US$ only. If you would like to pay using your credit card, please contact us : marmadukemusic1@gmail.com. We will email you credit card payment link. For credit card payment, we use in Japanese Yen. We use an actual exchange rate published by MUFG Bank.
PAYPAL account : marmadukemusic1@gmail.com
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